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lirik lagu j. cole – nba playoff promo


it’s gold at stake for golden state
how much weight can the king’s shoulders take
when the odds ain’t great some fold and break
while greats let the dreams of a ring motivate
boys become men when postseasons begin
these lights shine brighter baby, you sink or you swim
to those who got here by the skin of they teeth
the formula’s the same now, win and repeat
never sleep on a man whose expected to lose
with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove
the bottom’s full of wolves and they thirsty for blood
the mission is to catch somebody slipping above
“but numbers don’t lie”, i’ve heard them say it at times
“cream rises to the top”, is a favorite of mine
and the cream of this crop you know is impressive
but to quote the boy hov, “gotta finish your breakfast”
and watch for the quiet ones they bringing the
even with a man down, “the show must go on”
no time for crying better pick up the slack
cause there ain’t no guarantee that you gon ever be back