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lirik lagu j.a.g. – dream big

[hook 2x: j.a.g.]
i’m letting myself in between
no one else is coming right back
this game’s hotter then the outback
me and prezident are on this track
dreaming bigger then the haters say
and we dream big all day
we’re ready for that one time
when everything is alright

[verse 1: j.a.g.]
dream big or no one else will
we’re fighting for a life cause we know what’s real
go hard on every track so i don’t need a deal
working for a label is the last thing you’ll hear
i’ll pull myself together yeah i’m making that clear
i’m hotter then the devil and colder then ze-ro
i’m better then you’ll ever know
back up a little bit cause you know i’m on my flow
i was auto-tuned but i really don’t need it
listen to my lyrics or maybe you could read it
you might ask questions but i’m not always agreeing
i don’t know if it’s dark but i know i’m dreaming
i’m expected to make it to the highest spot
and the only highest spot is all the way up on top
the only way i fall is if someone tells me to stop
but they won’t tell me to cause they know i got it on lock
i don’t that always sound like rock cause rap is in my dream
and it’s something that i’ll never drop
people actually think that i’ll switch to pop
i’m dreaming about the ocean and i think it’s time to dock
i’ve kinda been writing to hip-hop
and we’ll see where that goes
my swag will put your hands up
and so will my dreams cause the sun gleams
like someone in the desert that just found snow

[hook: j.a.g.]

[verse 2 j.a.g. (prezident)]
man, i’ve been dreaming big all day
auto-tuned so i know i do it my way
young homies we can’t wait
d-mn i’ve been thinking bout this one thing
when people start screaming my name
yo prez do you feel me dog (yeah, i’m feeling you bruh)
i can tell people think i am an underdog, ah
i love life and how people feel
they might not feel right but you know we are real
well the swags unreal and having good times
and that’s a big deal, oh
i wish people were just like us
with the good talent and the good bus
with a lot of friends that have a lot of trust
you might be looking for love but you found l-st
oh, j.a.g. is on the beat
do you feel me
y’all laugh at the way i play
but really i’m the only one that can say
i’ve been dreaming big since my first day
i’ve been dreaming bout being on stage
listening to the fans asking if they can stay
people put my name in the way
but really i’m the only that does stay

[hook: j.a.g. (prezident)]
(prezident, hahahha
hey j.a.g. lemme holler at ’em for a minute
yeah, all day,)

[verse 3: prezident]
uh, dream big or go home
sticks and rocks break bones
i swear my heart is made of stone
(yeah) i dream big that way no one will
ever harm me so stuffed animals can come to life like barney
(haha) i got homies in the desert who want me to make it rain
so i bring that stormy weather like “the rock” with the change
these dudes are sounding lame plus they all sound the same
with your gold-plated necklace
i’ma dog off the chain
i dream with my eyes open
cause my compet-tions hoping that i’m slipping but i’m not falling
i’m ripping on every stage cause i feel this is my calling
i’m taking over like this was russia but homie i’m not stalling
i dream bigger than every figure around me
soon these haters to shut their mouth cause there done tryna clown me
cause fighting me lyrically will have you beaten up and down like a bouncy
i’ma lion and i’m pouncing dream is done and it’s astounding
so i’ma sit back and watch these downloads count in
every fan i gain from the pleasure and the pain
listen to ’em scream my name, prezident, prezident, prezident
(yeah) listen to ’em scream my name
prezident, prezident, prezident (prezident!)

[hook 2x: j.a.g.]

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