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lirik lagu iv & neptune – already know



i call the plug for the load
he get it straight off the boat
we only speaking in code
i call him, he already know (x5)
i f–k your girl on th elow
she don’t let n-body know
we only speaking in code
i call her, she already know (x5)

verse one (andii iv):

call it whatever man
underdog with the upper hand
got the mayo like i’m tellaman
make moves, never tell a man
i been salty with the waves then
no relation with a wasteman
pretty women in formation
all foreign immigration
call me, call me, call me, call me
do her dirty, never sorry
groceries in my trolley
pay bills, never cosby
pretty iv feelin’ saucy
keep the convo to a minimal
stack the money to the decimal
n-gg-s always tryna play ball, but i tell him to get off my genitals
i call your girl on the low
she dont let n-body know
i got the sauce and the potion
got her wetter than the ocean
dive in it with devotion
f-ck around and get promoted
bring a friend when we lonely
hit up david with the motion
(iv you already know!)
david you already know!


verse two (david neptune):

i f–k your girl on the low
she dont let n-body know
in the clouds like a drone
always on the road, never home
i see my demons in the smoke
i see them reaching but they know
tryna come at me or tryna get the team is suicide my n-gg-, really such a joke
andii iv that’s my brother bruv
papi jefe that’s the plugga plug
move in silence, never talking much
keep it hush, keep it undercov’
never smash without the rubber glove’
they will do you dirty like a pile of dust
tell a h– i love her but i’m not in love
i’m a low life, i’m a motherf-ck
and these days i don’t ever rest, never off even on my off day
little n-gg-s always thinking inside the box, i play a good hand it don’t matter what the cards say
driven like a car chase
kick it like the barclays
keep it hunnid alway, you know what it is
west side n-gg-, yeah you know how i live
blue ticks if a n-gg- message ain’t about the biz