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lirik lagu idontknowjeffery – & i even brought proof

yeah yeah put my s-xy voice on this that micheal jackson voice
yeah this sh-t

wow ain’t it funny how
i make these rappers throw the towel
i love to make you frown
jeffery (what)
momma’s only child
no i’m lying i got a brother now you know my youngest wow
rap game colin powell flipping off the crowd
riding around sipping brown trying to sober down mane wow
ain’t it funny how when that money start to pile
all hoes come around girl
everytime i come around you on them downs
baby ima get you on (?) ima get you on some blunts
baby let me wake you up, uh let me wake you up
then you gon’ wanna f-ck
yeah yea cause yea
everytime i come around you on them downs boo
who be doubting you
not me
girl tell the truth
jeffery harper got your back when n-body else do
even when you didn’t want me girl i still came through
with the weed and the drank and some dope and some brew
no i show some love to you
but baby girl these days these days something new
girl you know i tell the truth and i even brought some proof

i treat these hoes like a dog
i’m a dog that’s the truth
all i do is bark b-tch
all they do is roof (x2)

- lirik lagu idontknowjeffery