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lirik lagu horuskhan – lunch

yeah, uh!

[verse 1]
these same flows getting a little too old
i’m currently trynna cook for nutritional souls
they say my new tricks are getting too bold
but i’m not fond of that bullsh-t you were told
i mean who knows? maybe i’ll make it or maybe i won’t
i mean let’s face it what’s in your face isn’t what you want
and when the case ends, i’m hoping none of my n-gg-s were caught
in the collateral damage. they’re currently moving backwards to the d-mned age uh!
stagnation got you n-gg-s peaked to your limits
let me take a peak cuz i ain’t done it in a minute
you n-gg-s minute i hit mute until you’re finished
don’t dance around them disses unless you’re willing to go the distance
and this just in, reality is knocking. should i let that b-tch in?
please quit the b-tching. i ain’t got time for n-gg-s that wanna take my tenements
my brain doesn’t carry a whole lot of f-cking sentiment
in fact it’s been burning i think i need a mint
your mind’s closed rock solid as if it were cement
you n-gg-s worrisome man
stop dropping verses that’s filled with curses man
instead drop some encouragement

[verse 2]
why’s hip hop so black and blue like a carolina fan? i mean i’m repping carolina man
i know y’all hear them f-cking sirens man
you wanna walk in my shoes, well they ain’t your f-cking size man
i’m elite with it now i pose like the heisman
now i’m filling the buzz like a post high man
let me know when you can’t take anymore
it may be a little too late for you to try to say your grace
my n-gg-s eating now, and now we’re distributing plates
y’all would rather disturb in this place
but that’s my word, if you wanna knock the peace
i’ll just make you stronger so you aren’t so weak. that’s only because i’m kind
didn’t they tell you the khan was one of a kind?
i’m cl-ssified as decalcify so open your mind
yet you n-gg-s still weak like seven days of time
i remember that time when i couldn’t buy a rhyme
now i’m scratching dimes and latching beautiful lines
now i can finally tell them girls that i like that view from behind
without being ashamed because they aim in disguise
to front these n-gg-s with their little pretty brown eyes
popularity doesn’t acquire much yo
but i cultivate the m-sses when i eat my lunch yo

yeah i like the sound of that
get it? cuz i’m eating now. aha
and i’m still hungry n-gg-

- lirik lagu horuskhan