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lirik lagu hammers of misfortune – here comes the sky


here comes the sky,
falling upon us here comes the tide- the water’s on fire
something seems different this time
here comes the storm, goes on forever
eight hundred miles, or more

the wind came down to the waves one day
as the sun looked scornfully on
“i humbly request that you be my guest in a dance”
said the wind on this morn
“such would be grand, should we make for the land?”
roared the waves, to the sting of the breeze
“i’m feeling restless, the sun is relentless-
i’d fancy a turn if you please”

“the pleasure is mind”, said the sky in reply,
“i confess to a sense of unease…
perhaps a diversion will soften the heart of the sun”‘
said the sky to the seas

the sea reached out and the wind took a bow,
in the sun so uncommonly warm
so they did waltz in the spray and the salt
and together they danced up a storm

a furious child, feral and wild
the wind swept in through the door
all hope is drowned in a terrible sound
as the ocean leapt over the sh-r-

then they conspired to kindle a fire
and laughed as they howled at the moon
the flames and the sea rose up in the breeze
and agreed they’d meet again soon
sun be d-mned, we’ll dance upon land again soon