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lirik lagu gizmo (rapper) – r.i.p


[verse 1]
get it through your dome b-tch we don’t give a f-ck
we juggin stoves k!lling shows i know that you know whats up
we ain’t the [?] hit the club just to cash out our checks
i think we smoked too many blunts i lost the lungs in my chest
they shriveling up and turning to dust
and i think my whole body is starting to rust
all i think that i must come through and bust me a nut
i will trust in yo sl-t [?]
then i’m out
give the ho rest
shut the f-ck up i don’t wanna see yo flesh
reach into your throat rip the heart out yo chest
ima k!ll of everyone till they know i’m best

[verse 2]
all of these p-ss-es surround me they round me
they think we same
i’m not like these lames
they can’t take the flame
i wish i can take all the pain that i feel with a heart made of stone and a head full of steel
still in my thoughts i don’t know what is real
now i’m followed by shadows on top my heels
and i’m p-ssed off about to lose my sh-t
still talking sh-t i’m about to pull yo crib
if i crash the whip i’m still hopping out
i’m not stopping now yo body’s dropping now
let me prove my point make it permanent
cause its obvious you ain’t learning sh-t
get back to business i’m burning sh-t
it’s my respect you ain’t earning it

let me rest in peace
i’ll k!ll myself before you do to say the least
dig myself my own grave at the beach
let the tides roll in and then i’ll f-cking rest in peace