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lirik lagu george jones – i’d jump the mississippi


i’d jump the mississippi
(george jones – johnny mathis)
«�© ’64 glad music »
with melba montgomery

i been lonely much too long i’d give a yankee dime if you come back home
honey won’t you let me hold you tight
tears keep a fallin’ my eyes are blurred if i had the wings of a pretty little bird
i would fly right to your arms tonight
i’d jump the mississippi deep and wide if you was a waitin’ on the other side
honey just to hug and hold you tight
i’d jump across and never get wet right there by your side i’d set
yes indeed everything would be alright
if you would come back home to me make me happy like i used to be
i’d start and meet you halfway
i’d leave here and never look back i’d run a mile in a minute flat
to get to you before the end of day
i’d jump the mississippi deep and wide…
i’d jump the mississippi deep and wide…