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lirik lagu gary valenciano – you got me working

everyday is brighter, now that she is mine
and all my days are filled with loving times
and should the day be cloudy
why should i feel so sad, when what she is
is all i really have
hold me and tell me, that this ain’t a dream
i’m sick and tired of waking up
and finding it ain’t real listen to me, lady
cause there’s one thing i could do
it’s got me tired, it’s got me down
got me spinning round and round
you got me working,you got me working hard
you got me working,you got me working hard
hey did you get message now
i hope you understanding i’m not just any lover
yet i ain’t no superman
working hard all day and night
is what i tried to to do
but i can’t keep on going
if you don’t say you love me too
(repeat refrain)
i can’t believe this is happening
especially when you smile at me each day
and when you stand right next to me
i wished you were always mine
(repeat refrain)

- lirik lagu gary valenciano