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lirik lagu ft smoke dza chevy woods – gracias malverde (ft. smoke dza) – chevy woods


[verse 1: chevy woods]
it’s new prices on the fishscale
ya, it’s wet paint watch me fish tail
we sippin’ don p for the celebration
and you ain’t on n-bodys wrist clown
i bubbled crack just to double the bank
they wanted soft but they fell in love with that h
they tellin’ stories i’m fresh from it all
f-ck [?] might get a ball
glocks flyin’ get your popcorn ready we know
can’t find work you heard, what up t.o
b-tches think they know it all, that’s miss cleo
me and you other n-gg-s livin’ different
curveball you had the white, but we was pitching different
ya, so if that’s not you you gon’ get to snitchin’
cus to your old head you forgot to listen, you a d-mn shame

now listen, it’s a gang of n-gg-s gettin’ money
it’s also a gang of n-gg-s snitchin’
you can think i’m playin’ if you want to
i ain’t never been with the bullsh-t
but sh-t ain’t right, sh-t ain’t right
i just call it how i see it nephew
i’m to the box with mine
tell them i said that, and let’s get back to that real sh-t one time

[verse 2: smoke dza]
swear to god almost died off that last dab
no chatter cus this shatter come with -ss bags
bombers and promethozine that do the trick
dropped a little ash in my cup, i hate that sh-t
my n-gg- chev came through in the clutch
poured a whole two and i’m stuck, good lookin’
[?] sippin’ n-gg- i’m tryna keep it slow
and truthfully i’m tryna cop a four
getting to the door like the bricks
eight inch [?] and minks
big gold cuban links
hustler attire, puffin’ on some fire
can’t get any higher, if i do i’ll f-cking explode
but after that way off i need something to roll
kush got body got a goddess in my lap
rap money slow up could always get it with the packs