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lirik lagu ft schoolboy q jay rock isaiah rashad – shot you down (remix) (ft. schoolboy q & jay rock) – isaiah rashad

[verse 1: isaiah rashad]
i take a drag at the square
i feel anxious, spit dangerous
as the verbal appears, is reflecting my perspective
beer goggle and fear
roll model so hallow
shadow adolescence and a gaggle of them b-tches
road to the riches still paved with the ditches
get caught up in the hype, your career is for a night
i ain’t these other n-gg-s, cause these n-gg-s is fake
they ain’t popping shot, these n-gg-s is papa doc
if i ain’t shining, beat me up in a rhyme? spot
no crying til i’m in pine box
i got the b-tches h-ttin mikey like where zay at?
probably f-ckin on her friend, probably la at
probably plotting on a mil staying where [fay]? at
b-tch don’t run your mouth we don’t play that
mama taught me better
can’t count on n-gg-s, can’t count on weather
go figure n-gg-
they ain’t worried about this cheddar
them n-gg-s just sky diving in my propellers
i don’t feel them
ain’t trying to be no freshman, i’m chilling
cause they’ll bring a knife to the fight, and not kill em
me and my n-gg-s is hungry, we’re willing
to bring a little ho to the party and meek mill ’em
i feel like talking my sh-t
come in the house, acting friendly, you can suck my d-ck

[bridge: isaiah rashad]
i’m praying for some good rappers and a fleetwood
where i gotta bring my a game, you just d goods
we don’t wanna hear that weak sh-t, n-gg- speak up
rocking old flows corn rows and a beeper
you n-gg-s hoes, you n-gg-s hoes
and i ain’t even trippin
cause we’ll be laughing to the bank and riding by these n-gg-s
mikey bring that mink with your low body bentley
put the hood in the f-cking trunk and bring the party with me

i came, i saw, i conquered
i shot you down
your brain no have no conscious
what you do now?
i came, i saw, i conquered
i shot you down
i bang, i bang, i blocka
what you do now?
no b-tch -ss rappers, i shot you down
no sensitive n-gg-s, i shot you down
no b-tch -ss rappers, i shot you down
no hypebeast p-ss-es, what you do now?
i came, i saw, i conquered
i shot you down
your brain no have no conscious
don’t make a sound
what you do now?

[verse 2: jay rock]
everything takes time, are you sellin’ are you buyin’ n-gg-?
get rich or die tryin’, yay yay on the stove
i had the choppas…
just a young n-gg-, trynna get some hundreds
i had a little bucket, yeah i rode it like a benz
yeah i spun my little ends on that bullet
tell me who you trustin’?
look i got my faith in god, ’cause these clown -ss n-gg-s all busters
these n-gg-s not jesus, they ain’t gon’ die for you
and only time will tell, what’s gon’ lie for you
it’s funny right, what a couple lies’ll do
but seein’ is believin’ what defines the truth
i keep shooters on the wing when i’m ridin’ through
and if n-gg-s out of bounds, they gon’ probably shoot
’cause killin’ is the hobby
east side n-gg-s, yeah we known for catchin’ bodies
i used to have a deuce-five, ridin’ on a trolley
on my way to school, like dare a n-gg- try me
look, ’cause where i’m from i’m a blood on the now
surrounded by blue water, sharks all around me
pigs on my -ss, hoes trynna drown me
n-gg-s know i’m up, so these haters wanna down me
n-gg-s know i’m king, but they don’t wanna crown me
it’s okay, i ain’t ’bout to whine about it, look
a real n-gg-, for real n-gg-, now check it
i’m still here, i’m still counting my blessings
with no chains on, with no rings on
watching these fake rappers, gettin’ my aim on
pop a shot, kill ’em all
and watch ’em fall like confetti, f-ck ’em all
it’s just me and my n-gg-s, we takin’ over the game
and since i conquered this craft, nothing would be the same

[verse 3: schoolboy q]
not a dolla on me, this home invasion a payday
two time felon, they jerkin’ me on my paygrade
slavin’ all these hours, but couldn’t shake them, my rent late
makin’ 8 an hour, i’m leanin’ towards my a-k
moms think i’m viscous, don’t want me around the kitchen
my living room, bathroom, my bedroom was evicted
missing from your home room, my good grades was crippin’
before i even learned division, n-gg- i learned the mission
seem i’m from where fiends scratch that itch, won’t hit the lotto
from where fiends fix that fix, and not a bottle
and that little n-gg- that missed that bottle gon’ catch a hollow
i might even throw him, pyro, pyro
see the set don’t make too many n-gg-s rich that i know
you either g-ngb-ng, sell dope, or bet on the fold
seeing money on ground, my eyes glued to the floor
a double-deuce by my toe… get it and go
i feel stuck in my ways, a n-gg- just trynna get paid
i’m tired of answerin’ questions, “why oxymoron delayed?”
see i was thinking november, but january is sweet
they say my setbacks is free, might have this one in my sleep
so january agree, get a taste of this gangsta
see i’m just trying to eat with a freak of the week
i just wanna hit ’em and leave ’em, dawg
they’re yours for the keep
you gon’ be kissin’ them brauds, my sperm on they teeth

last night was nothin’, this morning i’m a hero
no belief in me dawg, they said i’m a zero
cocaine, cocaine, rock, rock, kilo
fishscale cut well, you won’t find nemo
pull up to the block, and they call me real n-gg-
see i can be a real n-gg-, but my daughter see me bigger
see a body full of love, and yours full of liquor
but you’ll always be my n-gg-
yeah, you’ll always be my n-gg-


- lirik lagu ft schoolboy q jay rock isaiah rashad