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lirik lagu fragile things – devolution

drop the gl-ss, crash the car
put your ear on the wall
hear the punches, your neighbour is
trying to break his own home down.


ask the old man what happened to make
the world such an unfriendly place
ask the monkey how come evolution
has made it’s behaviour n-bler than ours.

scream for a wish, cry for a dream
it’s all you can do in an unfair world
if you cannot have this new found girl
grab a knife and stab it in her brain.

bury the sun and revive the moon
when violence rises all around you
abandon reason, cut the thread
and mix together the fury and regret.

watch the red moon
now you’re just another one
of those who cry
in the eyes of a judge.

you gotta share
the weight of rage
in a stranger’s heart

- lirik lagu fragile things