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lirik lagu flaming tsunamis – bird-watching and vice versa


im the next best thing to tv
sedate her with ritalin
ill play with your daughter
while you work and f-ck your -ssistant
i can only sh-t when you say
eat when you say and ill p-ss when you say
but today is the day i dont have to obey

back in your cage

today, you are the animal
today, you are the animal
decay, ripping out all your entrails
you are the enemy, we are not the animals

think youre watching me, no, im watching you
think youre so clever i know what youre gonna do
waiting patiently as our numbers grew
think binoculars are gonna save you?
were up in the trees were gonna sh-t on your head
were up in your room, were gonna sh-t on your bed
its a d-mn shame you cant hear a word i said
at the end of the day, youre gonna be dead.

watching, waiting, attack!
attack their eyes, aim for the eyes

stop watching me.