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lirik lagu firewater – when i burn this place down


after 29 years
on the stroke of 13
i woke up from my life
like it was all just a bad dream
my get up and go
had just got up and split
after you ground me under your heel
like a spent cigarette
when your memory’s crashed
when your out on the tiles
just remember that
everyone loves a good kid
who can loose with a smile
when they break both your legs
don’t come running to me
and baby if you were drowning
i’d throw you a funeral wreath

when i burn this place down
i’ll make sure you’re around
girl, i want you to see
the big smile on my face
as i hitch a ride out of town
well, i ain’t gonna come to your party
but baby, i’m sure gonna dance on your grave
it’s the least i can do
for the time that i spent as your slave