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lirik lagu firewater – the notorious & legendary dog & pony show


throw your caution to the wind, boys
coins are falling from the trees
and moderation is a sin, boys
whats a little hoof & mouth disease?
and nothing you can teach her
about a double feature
let the blood and whiskey flow
because tonight you are a player
tomorrows never there
in the dog & pony show
so take your whistles to the wolves, girls
they’ve all got pistols in thier paws
but dont you go a runnin till they shoot, girls
cause every contract has a hidden clause
so ride on while your able
find us in the stable
honey you just never know
every wheel’s a spinner
and everyone a winner
in the dog & pony show
so come out in and grab a table
its your lucky day
all the drinks are on the house
until we hoist your bones away
dont tip the waitress
she looks famous
back on the rodeo
and welcome to the notorious and legendary
dog & pony show
put em with the other stiffs, boys
take the pennies from his eyes
and seal the deal with a kiss, boys
cause suits and coffins come in every size
dressed up and they’ll show ya
how far they can throw ya
funny how the money goes
well you took em to the cleaners
with all the other dreamers
at the dog & pony show