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lirik lagu esham – kissing bandit


b-tches like n-gg-z to dog them out
so i’m here to let you know what they all about
don’t hesitate to smack her
she like’s when you mack her
play the romeo role and she’ll crush you like crackers
nine days, night’s, don’t come twice
you get two for one and at the same price
you gotta stay in control and on top
or get dropped like potato’s
and here’s how to be real playa
mack on your ho, you’ve got to mack on your ho
you’ve got to dog out and beat up and smack on your ho

b-tch aint nothin but meat on a stick
only job in life is to please a d-ck
don’t ever let her forget that you run sh-t
and if she get outta line that -ss gone get kicked
playa’s got ho’s for every day of the week
all under control and all like to freak
b-tch aint nothin but nasty, sleazy
neighborhood skeezy, way to easy
be my ho and i’ll be your pimp
cool n-gg-z strut, the lame a limp
betta make my money seven day’s a week
and if somebody ask, you my freak


yellow freaks like black d-ck daddy
so pull down your panties and show me that f-nny
your girl’s a ho, but still you claim her
wild as a beast only i can tame her
she tole me herself she like the d-ck i threw
hit the p-ssy so hard turned her -ss black and blue
add another to my collection, her n-gg- was weak
tryin to fall in love sucka with a stone cold freak
b-tches don’t like that, that’s why you mack on em
kick em, and punch em and beat em and smack on em
all day, all night till they do you right
cuz a n-gg- like me a just f-ck your wife
for nothin, and nuttin’ in her -ss is my pleasure
leave a dirty -ss rubber in your room on your dresser
that’s my trademark, i broke your wife’s heart
but none a this woulda happened if you mack from the start cuz..


i’m the f-cking kissing bandit in your neighborhood
i f-ck your wife like she wish you would
when you come in, i leave out
i even got a set of keys to your house
she said i was the only man who made her c-m right
while you was out cheatin i was f-cking her all night
no shame to my game, f-ck dame after dame
you was lovin’ her one night and she called you my name
see i don’t give a f-ck about your wife you see
she aint cheatin on me, i’m the ban d-i-t
who can resist, no ho can resist
cuz i’m the f-cking kissing bandit and my d-ck is priceless
i might be your foe, i might be your boy
i know i f-cked your ho and i brought her much joy cuz..


i’m making b-tches c-m like rainy days
one wet p-ssy f-cked a hundred ways
in less than an hour b-tch is lovin the thought of me
her p-ssy so watery, i guess i ought to be
on my way, before i leave you say “i bring you joy and you wish i’d
but i can’t i got to roll, my job is done
leave a rubber in your toilet full of c-m
i’m the k-i-s-s-b-a-n-d-i-t
f-ckin n-gg-z b-tches is my f-cking hobby
i leave it all sloppy like a beat up jalopy
and my style of f-ckin, your man can’t copy
havin’ wet dreams scream, be a dream for esham
today i felt like rain, i made your ho c-m
to sum it all up, i’m a bad mother f-cker
turnin’ innocent girl’s into freaky d-ck suckers
today it’s all loose and you don’t understand it
your girl got f-cked by the kissing bandit