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lirik lagu engram – crimson window


cutting through the wind of an iced night
with a familiar caress of bl–dy warmth
p-ssing from my heart and sputtering with my tongue
it was a generous proportion
ingesting my memory of your visage
recalling nothing but mindless bouts

i could taste your fear so vivid from here
i’d wagered you’d been lacing me
since my senseless blood spilt once
i’d tasted something strange in your mouth

it is never enough for me to understand that
your name has met the wind too many times

don’t tell me how much better i could be
ill cut that throat
i don’t want to hear
how unthoughtful you actually can be

don’t try to deter me from carrying out my instinct
i’m free to cut my hands off clean
since my senseless blood spilt once…

i became bound to rogue wills
lost within a distorted view of you
razing these lungs in a toxic dream
i wonder if it was purely out of l-st
that i always procured time to suffer over you

i was ingesting poison knowingly
your blood red desire boiling under my skin
and washing it’s way through my veins
it was like sitting across the table
from the person that intended for you to die
and seeing in their face
that they still fear you as you fade

youll always be in the corner of my eye
the tantalizing feeling will never end
my hatred will linger on your windowsill