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lirik lagu element 101 – stop breathing


before i blinked something fell next to me.
it looked like heaven but i swallowed it down.
it changed the color of my eyes.
they draw your lines and pull your feet up in time.
stop thinking, do you think you will make it.
do you think you just might stop breathing.
confession of obsession.
hush now.
you’re still breathing.
i’m in the middle of my midnight calling.
i’ve yet to find a spot i’m comfortable in.
i feel you breaking my insomnia burning.
a solo image taking root in my bones.
take control cause i know how to steal the show.
take control, i think i know.
you picked a flower picked you.
it’s no surprise, still you shimmer with pride.
lips close, breathe your breath inside.
i, i shatter, still my heart is breathing alive.