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lirik lagu drey wylde – you know me


[intro: drey wylde]
b-tch your f-ckin’ lame
yeah they’re all the same
stay in your f-cking lane
you know the f-cking name
drey wylde in this game
hoe better behave
she actin’ up, put that b-tch in the grave

i heard you gotta’ girl
yeah i’d like to meet her
sn-tch her, then mistreat her
finesses them f-cking sneakers
i’m louder than the speakers
smokin’ on the refer
slay that b-tch, grin reaper

i take what i want
while i’m smokin’ a blunt
i drive nice cars
cuz i gotta stunt
you gotta problem lemme’ get the gun

i shoot that sh-t off just for fun
maryland’s where i’m f-ckin’ from
terrapin till i die
steal your b-tch
i don’t try
no chemistry, no bill nye

i’m a wild boy, and you know that
i make big stacks and i blow that
i’m original, you can’t clone that
your b-tch- well i’m on that
i bone that
no chitchat
she lays flat
like my door mat
don’t believe me
just check snapchat

no car insurance, no geico
i left that b-tch, cuz she’s psycho
ohh that’s your girl
that’s a typo
cuz she sucked my f-ckin’ pipe hoe

she knows me well enough
she knows i like it rough
but i’m no f-cking cop
cuz i don’t f-cking cuff

trappin’ in my house
while i’m blowin all these clouds
smoking by pound, while your smoking by the ounce
claiming that your rich
who the f-ck
boy stop
let me pull up on the spot
and return your girls top

she wants it so i give it
i get it cuz i’m privileged
coach put me in
this ain’t no scrimmage
you know we the best
so we stay wining

took a hundred shots
f-cked your b-tch on the block
the time is ticking
tick tock
you keep talking reckless
ima get the glock

got the gang and we ballin’
got the whip so we rollin’
i’m not picking up the phone
so you better stop calling
your irrelevant, and i’m not fallen

got plenty of bodies
so i don’t need no thotties
all i need is my team
along with my maserati

you know who i am
i’m the man
i will sn-tch you from your boyfriend in a heartbeat
if i can, i got a plan
ima grab your hand
but i’m no f-cking peter pan