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lirik lagu dock boggs – danville girl

oh, i went down to danville, got struck on a danville girl.
you bet your life she’s out of sight, she wears those danville curls.
she wears her hair on the back of her headlike all high-tomed people do.
the very first train that leaves this towni’m goin’ to bid that girl adieu.
i don’t see why i love that girl, for she never cared for me.
but still my mind is on that girlwherever she may be.
look up, look down this lonesome road, hang down your head and cry.
the very best friends have to part sometime, then why can’t you and i?
it’s forty miles through the rock, it’s sixty through the sand, oh, i relate to you the lifeof a many poor married man.

- lirik lagu dock boggs