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lirik lagu desecration – pharaonic circumcision


needle enters v-g-n-l skin, thick black st-tches secure her quim. menstrual blood streams from the interlocking seams.

pheremone reeking, the f-cking sl-t screaming. external organs slashed, sliding a knife edge up the gash.
obliterated fl-ng- st-tched for stimulation. the surgigal pleasures of pharaonic circ-mcision.
cl-t and l-b– cut out, the v-lv- i thread with a leather, bl–dying my hands, sewing the c-nt together.
stab her tight ring, p-ss in the fat, forcing her to consume her dissected tw-t.
double-edged blade circles her t-ts, removing the sking with a single incision. as blood liquid tissue spills, i splatter her with my j-sm. choking her with phallic plastic, loadged in her deep throat i rip out her pubis and lick it’s exposed scarlet meat.