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lirik lagu desecration – insane savagery


personality confused, thoughts unable
lacerated image, twisted mind unstable
reality distorted, revenged comforting sights
sickening fantasies brought to life

dominant flesh and blood…paedophile
deviant s-x tastes, perversions vile
insane psychopath unabated
tortured existence unsedated

adversary dead, insane savagery, burning red
adversary dead, insane savagery, burning red

voices in the darkness from below
nightmares screaming out “h-llo”
now soft she feels with her razored skin
destroy life, let’s begin

with a rusted knife, i’ll show her affection
evil thoughts, instant erection
fallen angels pray and sing
as i commit the ultimate sin

forced in fingers, her chest’s ripped open
organs brought out, exposing her innards
bones protruding, splintered and broken
cut out her eyes, torn body sodomized