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lirik lagu desecration – i.a.i.


child of eight, bound and beaten, foreskin sliced, precise incision. infantile screams bring uncontrollable arousal.
with a kitchen knife i perform castration. rampant f-ll-t–, it’s dissected meat in my mouth.
the salty taste of bl–dy sm-gm- slipping down my throat, flacid mutilated p-n-s.
the scalpel inserted through the uretha, working the blade in and out. an infliction of pain beyond human comprehension. sodomized by a broken bottle, ripping the delicate -n-l tissue. paralyzed by fatel kick to the spine, repetative punches to the face, features swollen, beyond recognition, screams reduced to a whimper, sickening repugnant acts. infantile -n-l intercourse, i force myself up it’s blood dreched r-ct-m and fondle it’s hairless groin. gouge out the eyes, roll them over my tongue, i plunge my manhood into the shrivelled sockets.
the catamites demise is near. vegitated child, mute and beyond pain. cannibalising flesh.
w-nk over the dying infant. with iron bar i smash it’s pathetic f-cking skull. the youth lies white and still.