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lirik lagu desecration – human gore


placenta drawn from within, v-g-n-l lips splayed, foetus thrown into bin, the sl-t begins to get laid.
thick fetid discharge splashing over my thighs, her c-nt a blood spilling hole, as i take her from behind.
human gore, toro flayed, br–sts removed as she got laid. foetal parturition by use of vectis, followed by disposal, upon the lifeless child i p-ss. dilation and curettage, shredding her empty womb. scr-ping out uterovesical flesh, clotts emitting steam i consume. i take a scalpel to her br–sts and with a single slice cuts her t-ts from her chest, my sordid f-cking vice. baby aborted, i rape the hysterical mother. flaxen hair clenched in my fist as her -n-s is brutally b-gg-red. tenotomy knife inserted through her eyelid, piercing the glistering pupil. dripping blood liquid, i finger the socket to ensure that i get my fill. skin peeled back ribcage exposed, my p-n-s in her warm innards shafting the steaming blood. within in the organs, i suck, fist and p-ss, performing necroc-nn-l-ng-s. my wife and child i shall not miss.