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lirik lagu desecration – fontanelle fornication


membrous flesh between cranial bone, i stab in two fingers at the peak of the dome.
crebral sludge coats my hand, fingering the hole to make it expand.
the head of a newborn i use for masturbation, f-cking the cranial hole, fontanelle fornication
flicking my tongue over the gaping headwound, sucking out tender gray matter.
crimson clumps slip down my throat, my face mottled with it’s f-cking splatter
infant clasped between my hands, crushing it’s brittle bones.
thrusting my p-n-s into the punctured softspot, f-cking it’s tender skull.
i fondle and squeeze it’s minute genital. primal screams piercing my head.
infant kicking and covulsing after only days of life, it’s now dead.
as i climax i cup it’s soft -n-l cheecks in my hands and rip the baby in two.
over my head a leg in each hand, i scream as i’m showered with innards