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lirik lagu desecration – dead bitch in the skip


emersed in debris, the body of a wh-r-, c-nt shredde abrased in gl-ss. bound and gagged in a bondage guise, bull whip lodged up her -rs-. larynx cut out, vomiting blood, lascivious, f-cking slog. t-ts slashed, bowels removed, head in a plastic bag.
discarded corpse thrown on a tip, pummeled and raped, dead b-tch in a skip. labla removed by a hacksaw blade. the b-tch may have lived if she had only obeyed. cross slashed into her stomach, flesh flaps peeled back. cats feed on her innards where her killer had hacked. s-m-n soaks her torso, forming fetid clots. maggots breed in cheesy sludge that fills her festering mott.