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lirik lagu decemberists – sunshine

(words and music by columbia chaaise)

sunshine open up your voice and sing
freedom… yeah
up in heaven liberty bells ring
and i wanna go high
over the rainbow dancing
and i wanna run free yeah…
just the sunshine
sunshine and me
oh sunshine yeah yeah yeah
open up your voice and sing
oh freedom yeah… i wanna
live free

well, just like the birds
flying high
just like the b-tterfly
just like the bee buzzin by
thats how i want to live my life
free… yeah
let the sunshine shine on me yeah… oh
sunshine open up your voice and sing… yeah
cause i wanna go
over the rainbow dancing
i wanna be free
sunshine in the night
open up your heart
and let the sunshine
sun shine on me.
sun shine on me
(repeat to fade)

- lirik lagu decemberists