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lirik lagu darren hanlon – she cuts hair


she works ‘cross the river from my house
i work at getting to know her
over the bridge to the lonely town, to walk it’s not that far

some days i make it my mission
to drive right p-ssed her salon
i prefer to worship her from a car

i am going to the jeans west acid-wash sale
’cause i know that she’ll be there
she cuts hair
she cuts hair
and acid-wash is what she likes to wear
when she cuts hair

dreaming ’bout the places we would go
it’d be like i won the lotto
i would have tickets on myself

if i offered my love and kisses
would she come at me with her scissors?
love’s declaration could be bad for my health

a mutual friend tells me, \”aww, she won’t go for you daz!\”
but i say i couldn’t care
’cause she cuts hair
she cuts hair
you could almost taste the peroxide in the air
when she cut hair

and all i’ve got to show
is a five dollar photo from the night club window

the sun is shining as i open my door
the neighbours wave as they water their lawns
i had to tell her
i knew it was time

i’d go to the salon
and there i would wait for her lunch hour
she wouldn’t be late
my mouth went dry as i practiced my lines

as the town-hall clock struck three
i delivered my soliloquy
she wouldn’t give the time of day to me
but she gave my pride
a short back and sides
short back and sides
she gave my pride
a short back and sides
short back and sides
short back and sides
now when i p-ss her way
i’ll always try and hide