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lirik lagu daquan b – i want you to love me


oh- oh -oh -oh
you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you
(call the radio if this is yo song)(4x)

verse 1
i’m tired of waiting for you to call
your love for me girl don’t show at all
i, i be waiting patiently by the phone
and when i call you, you never seem to be home
i don’t know why you wanna lie
and after all the things that we been through
girl you know that i miss you oh (oh)
(i want my friend back, like it was brand new)
and girl you know, you know that i love you

i wan’t you to love me

verse 2

what would it take for you to see that you belong to me
girl you know i live for you
your like a precious drug, don’t wanna give you up
and you know you’re my heart too
every since the day i met you
my life hasn’t been the same
you took the pain away, ooh baby you know just what to say
i don’t know what i’d do
should i would ever lose you

i wan’t you to love me(2x)
(call the radio if this is yo song)(4x)
do you remember
when i told you that i love you
and i meant what i said yea
and i won’t bring anything back cause i meant what i said.
you gotta prove it every, you gotta move whenever, you gotta mean what you say(4x)

said we gotta change
ooh no