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lirik lagu cush wallace – cemetery

[verse 1: cush wallace]

lately i’ve been–
feeling so uninspired, it’s been my lowest of days
but bad times usually past so i know it’s a phase
let’s pour up some bottles
everything lit tonight
i see these n-gg-s hurting, i guess i’m kryptonite
losing my grip on life
but still keep so much composure
i craft these flows like ceramics
bet it’s enough to mold ya
now i value self control and quit drugs to be sober
thinking i’d of throw the towel in if it wasn’t for rosa
and that’s my mother [that’s my mother]
she’s my queen, fareal
told me never mind what dad says follow your dream for real
it’s been a year since david and i had last spoke
but that’s my brother, that’s my blood
that’s my team fareal
chasing the relief that someday people embrace me
and no matter where this journey ends it goes peaceful and safely
trying to ensure my loved ones all survive
this is what i’ma be doing til i die — my cemetery


tell me what it is
light headed from these cigs
down for anything as long as i can free myself
if you need something just ask
leave your secrets in the past
baby it’s ok for you to be yourself

around me, around me
everybody always turns into a different person
around me. around me
everyone always expects me to be mr. perfect
but that isn’t really how it is

- lirik lagu cush wallace