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lirik lagu country dread – sick tape


(verse 1)
seeking for own salvation in this world
the pressures all around us, no joke
but i keep paving my way, way better than the government
talking bout a sh-tty road, to be driving on
it’s obvious that a lot people would be crashing on
it’s just the wrong way to go, so many obstacles and it seems we haven’t see the pinnacle
sh-t is ridicule, man is having manicures
mister officer my little herb stock is not so critical
even tho it’s critical kush, it doesn’t change a thang
lot of mistakes we’ve made according to the name
check about the president bush, should have been troop
trump is a relevant name to the man
cause he’s just looking like he has a down syndrome
let me drumming on the tom, make a heavy rubadub
feel it through your bones, imma give the real tone
my lines are straight laser imma talking bout cyclops
and i f-ck with jean, like i’m tarzan with the dreadlocks
found a positive way to calibrate my ways
give a little less, unless i never be a weight
i’m an independant but i gotta see your face
learn about your struggles that you gotta break
f-ck it and i swore that i won’t talking about this, no more
i try evolving and i swear to have a limit is a good thing
you would be surprised about the damage of the free will
said i gotta homework, that i better give
you cannot always do as you wish