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lirik lagu controlla remix – bonkaz


[verse 1]
pretty black girl with the right swagga
your back … is fatter, black lives matter
tryna help you move forward, never side track ya
but the way you throw it back on me is kinda mad/der/up
they tryna to kill me in the streets my daring
that’s why we don’t f-ck with the police my darling
you get as bs and cs my darling
distinction, imma give you the d my darling
and you ain’t gotta wear the weave but it’s your choice
shawty the only one that make me wanna speak in my soft voice
come and meet me with your afro out
we could reason or you could get your back blown out
you ain’t a insta-chick, i ain’t a insta-g
i got a thing for you, you do your thing for me
when they do me dirty, you show me sympathy
and when they call us n-ggas, i say we kings and queens

cause you are me? skin dark, they might? hinder me
no more mugshots when they picture me
baby girl fall through and get lit with me
call me when you on route and bring some rizla please
okay you feel it, when we get intelligent
we speaking about everything, see i am feeling your melanin
girl that’s everything, okay
you know me, devotion you show me
i am open, don’t close me
emotion, no more controlla, controlla
no baby they just can’t control ya, control ya
i love the fire in your heart come closer, come closer
cause the streets right now is getting colder, much colder
much colder, much colder
more time i .. raise ting shawty
but my black girls be the life of the party
shout out to my african girls and my …
you don’t have to bleach up and look like barbie