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lirik lagu clinton sparks – gangsta paradise


the boss is back b-tches
clinton sparks
getting familiar

base base base base base’

i’m looking now i’m feeling, feeling how i’m looking
money ain’t the problem, i just need some place to put it
guess n-gg-s in charge, just look at my garage
isn’t heard ferrari sometimes i let em minaj
money my calone, money my patrone
i put my money on it boy sh-ttin on the thone
the trip right off the beach, spend em off the leash
we build this off for streets, deep boys the beach
bury off for daddy if you fam 27
i can’t still whip it, have you tryin 20 seconds
boston boston george, why we’re on the mission?
yah n-gg-s in charge, we did it in the kitchen

screaming f-ck y’all with the bottles in the air
just looking at my bracelet recession everywhere
screaming f-ck y’all with my bottles in the air
b-tch looking at my bracelet recession everywhere

you hear this n-gg-
do you motherf-ckers hear this n-gg-
you can’t be serious man

trop track trop track 12
turn my n-gg- up!

base base base ‘.