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lirik lagu chris smither – hundred dollar valentine

tell me why years, months are gone
i can’t see anymore
my sun is rising but it just don’t shine
there ain’t no light through my door

i flip my switches but i don’t turn on
i ain’t a flicker, baby, i got no juice today
i have a lighter and my carry on
took the airline to get away

you know it ain’t just my sight that you stole
my house beneath
my wheels are spinning but they just don’t roll
i’m standing there on my feet

i can’t go out and baby, i can’t stay home
i’m crying showers, yeah, my minds are hurricane
i called a taxi ’bout an hour ago
but i think he’s lost in the rain

no mail today, yeah, my phone never rings
nothing works when you’re grown
my mind is humming but my heart won’t sing
baby, can’t you please come home?
i got time on my hands, you on my mind

i got a heart that’s beating like a hundred dollar valentine
i know you told me, you’ll be home by 4
but i just can’t take it no more
yeah, i know you told me you’ll be home by 4
but i just can’t take it no more

- lirik lagu chris smither