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lirik lagu ceeingee – known it all

we see things in life, we go out and see how the world is
[verse 1]
known it all when we gotta call out to our friends, known sh-t has been bad or good
as i walk in my old hood back in drumchapel
my life back then was a rush, it went faster than a speedin’ car outside
there were loads back then, people speedin’ like drag racin’
rap pacin’, before i got into rap
i was just into not growin’ up and i still played with toys
i never had time to grow up, i didn’t even know what it meant til i decided to get my life together
i had a share of bad times, i do regret them
everyone does, it’s a common well known fact that life can make us regret sh-t
i’ve known it all, as i walk past in life
i’ve known sh-t to be a bit out of control but the truth is that we soon to know it all
[verse 2]
i’ve been down in the deep pit when i am depressed as sh-t
it sucks to be a 20 years old with no job
no one known my music
i’m so un-seen, that’s what i feel
there’s no way to feel like this when you’re down like f-ckin’ h-ll
i can hear a bell ringing and it’s in my ears
i’ve known it all when it comes at me
time is tickin’. i’ve got sh-t pickin’ my brain
i am in pain mostly ‘cuz my life is a f-ckin’ curse
all i do is cuss and i don’t want to lead myself to the bad side, i think i’ve already have
sid is the demon in me, i called him that cause it’s a cool name
what’s my name, jolly sid, sid
the most best song i’ve wrote
the follow-up to it
the right jolly sid, that one was okay but i’ve felt like i needed to rap it more better
i was going through sh-t at the time
i just lost a gran at the time, i just had to see facts and know them
i was ready to blow my head
i couldn’t face the fact that my gran is now dead, but i just wanted to see her living
i would do anything just to hear a voice again, see her smile again but that will never happen, til when i get up there, if i do
i’ve just been leadin’ myself off the rails
i just don’t know what to do, spit out my meals
bustin’ a rap when i bust a nap but the fact is i bust a mind like i’m poppin’ hoppin’ to the fact that if i had a gun it’ll have no bullets cause i ain’t here to harm anyone, even if they f-ck me up like what emma f-ckin’ did but i forgive her for all the sh-t she did to me but i’mma follow the light, up to the am
i’m here so hear me em
you are a nice girl deep inside, you should show that more than you did
i loved you but you backstabbed me and kiddin’ on you loved me so i decided to diss ya, i don’t think you’ve heard the diss yet
check out the jolly sid show ep on topmixtapes
the first place i released the ep
i thought it was okay, but i could have rapped that better
some of the beats i use in my raps i didn’t make, neither did origan
most of the beats i can’t remember the name of the producers so i leave it blank on g-nius
i’ve known it all, as i walk past in life
i’ve known sh-t to be a bit out of control but the truth is that we soon to know it all

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