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lirik lagu carnal decay – shut the fuck up

shut the f-ck up now
all those empty words

society is the one to blame for every single moment
that went wrong in your life
society is the one to blame why you have
no wife, no kids, no home

life is what you make it
you are the artisan of your own future
if you don’t conceive that fact of life
you’ll never find what you’re searching for
those complaints won’t bring you nothing
but a horde of unhappies around you
you motherf-ckers blabber years away
but you just don’t f-cking act

you think to live means to suffer
so listen up you f-cking duffer
get your life in your own hands
make yourself your own plans

i won’t be the one to listen to your f-cked up thoughts
i’m not responsible for anything that went wrong with you
so don’t bore me ’cause i don’t give a f-ck for you
your pessimistic way of life is foreign to my nature

- lirik lagu carnal decay