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lirik lagu cadillac don – inside peanut butter, outside jelly

[chorus] x2
inside peanut b-tter outside jelly
7 days of the week 7 different chevys
black ss wit tha top blown off
f-ck with them boys get ya top blown off

[verse 1]
got an old white chevy peanut b-tter top same color
flows out tha back wood stain to match my leather
24 inches off the ground like jeezy
got that thang on me so u better take it easy
catch me in tha hood knockin b-tches out tha wall
sittin sideways like that n-gg- paul wall
got a 4-54 and its all chromed out
just bought a platinum grill like the one up in my mouth
n-gg- down south all we do is ride heavy
coulda had a bentley but i rather ride chevys
pistol in my lap dnt give a f-ck bout tha law
hoes see me comin and they all gon ball
got 10 bad b-tches and they all gon call
got 5 sways and they all gon fall
old school new school we done had em all
my n-gg-s ridin chevys so we all gon ball

[chorus] x2

[verse 2]
monkey see monkey do
so evrybody got a chevy
350 wit tha flow match now tht sh-t runs heavy
keep it clean p-ssy ride good wen im rollin thru tha hood
i get down in it that b-tch sounds good
and for u n-gg-s who snitches sh-t u cant be trusted
might as well call me lee dungarees i cant be busted
but im cadillac don a real f-ckin hustler
ridin thru tha south spreadin this game like mustard
im a cadlliac rider true enough but i ball in a chevy
wen i strut my stuff makin money cant get enough
haters get mad they fuss and cuss
check my rep i drop tha top
lean out tha chevy let the .45 pop
cut it to tha metal cant wait for cops
16 switches watch yo -ss gone drop
we hittin tha curb 3wheelin motion
seein double drinkin on tha potion
ima movin im hustlin flowin
gettin paid stackin token
for this boy yall n-gg-s aint ready
gimme tha crown i deserve tha credit
or catch me f-ckin yo b-tch in a chevy
inside b-tter outside great jelly

[chorus] x2

[chorus] x2 (monkey see monkey do so everybody got a chevy)

(so everybody got a chevy) x4

- lirik lagu cadillac don