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lirik lagu brockhampton – untitled*


[verse: joba]
’cause you’re all i love
yeah, you’re all i trust
’cause you’re all i love
yeah, you’re all, yeah, you are
’cause you’re all i love
yeah, you’re all i trust
’cause you’re all i love
yeah, you are, yeah, you are

[verse: kevin abstract]
walk before i get in
if my hands down to my knees, [?] hair
walk before i get in
if my head’s down then i feel them stare
every day you got a problem with me
what i do to deserve that bullsh-t?
like every b-tch wanna f-ck on me
i’m g-y, what i do to deserve this?
give me that p-ssy, give me that p-ssy
i wanna love your p-ssy but i hate p-ssy
don’t wanna stay, don’t wanna stay, don’t wanna stay
i know it’s the way, i need you to wait, i need you to wait
don’t wanna stay, don’t wanna stay, don’t wanna stay

[verse: dom mclennon]
i put it on like [?], drowning in all my woes
i never sang my shot, this sounding like my ch-r-s
you won’t know if i need you, [?]
got a taste and it just gets lighter
need that head, then the more i’m broke
but you know that you’re not helping
girl, your body language is [?]
got real something, i know that you a virgin
why your booty like that?
probably ’cause i’m feelin’ on your booty like that
gotta turn lights on, keep it movin’ on track

[verse: ameer vann]
it’s like a hundred b-tches on my phone
n-gg-, i don’t spend the night
i just left your house and i’m on the way, this my my third stop tonight
but you’re the first one i call, you could always make it right
all the things i can say, i’m a different kind of n-gg-
i need broadway lights, i need eight gold figures
i need money, keep the fame, i need p-ssy, keep the love
watered lean, it’s the same, i need jesus up above
i need seven more days and i need f-ckin’ more nights
girl, i don’t know the right way and my mind ain’t right
so i smoke and pray about it, i don’t sleep through the night
i need morgues, i need, wait a minute

[verse: jesse rutherford]
oh, i’m in the zone, give me that flow
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
it’s just an illusion
sorry for confusing you
i don’t usually do this
i don’t wanna lose and you
get it off my mind, baby (ooo, ooo)
mhm, i’m so tired of wasting time, babe
i got so much more to do, yeah
huh, i’m singing, yeah, yeah, hallelujah
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you know i had to go and keep the flow real quick
jesse step in the morning and he gotta take a flow real quick
mhm, like phantom on me, like shining on me, so bright all the time
haha, huh, and it sound like i checked my sight on my right
i don’t even do that
jesse be like “who that?”
jesse be like “who that?”
i’m not talking ’bout j. cole
jesse sound like a date hoe
jesse twist sayin’ everything
jesse switchin’ like a hundred lanes
skrt, skrt past the boom, motherf-cker
jesse sound like a f-cking [?], motherf-cker
coming straight right out the blue, motherf-cker
got pants in the crew, motherf-cker
yeah, he’s so cute, motherf-cker
like cupid, like betty boop, motherf-cker
just ’cause