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lirik lagu brian webb – perfect lil’ imperfection

challenge yourself man and write a song
about boring average heteros-xual love
that doesn’t even try to scratch the surface
you just sit back and love it because it is

so i turn my guitar up as loud as i can
and i mumble my words so no one can understand them
i yell real loud and hope no one listens to close
i don’t really want anyone to know

oh the way she loves

its all for me
oh the way she smiles
thats for me too
and oh the way she’ll shake it when she walks
thats for me
and maybe that guy over there

no, no, you got to get real deep and metaphorically speak
about burning and falling and people on the street
and no one will listen cause they’ll just pretend its another folk song

but i have to admit i love it when
she talks about being mad and then gets mad all over again
she is moody when she is tired
and she is slightly obsessed with compulsion
but she is my perfect lil’ imperfection and…


- lirik lagu brian webb