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lirik lagu bravehearts – bravehearted


(feat. nas)

brave,brave,brave,brave,brave, braveheart (tell ’em)
wiz, wi, wi, wi, wiz, braveheart

[verse 1]
yo’ g,w,i,c, won’t yall come f-ck wit me
while i lay, get chased, catch, and cash tha check
stomp n-gg-s out take respect
wit a sawed off shotgun, hand on tha pump
i sips on grey goose, smokin on tha blunt
i f-cks wit this broad she do what i want
i f-ck her real slow, she like when i pump
i be on my block done, i do whats i want
and an’ n-gg- dat front, i do whats i want
i shoot and don’t blink, i lay you out in tha street
i mean i’m f-ckin wit dem n-gg-s dats ?
and blaze when they ? sh-t, dats evident
leavin no evidence, who you messin wit
it’s ill will and yall n-gg-s ?, i shoot to kill
they never saw me

brave,brave,brave,brave,brave, braveheart(tell ’em)
wiz, wi, wi, wi, wiz, braveheart

[verse 2]
you could put on dat vest, i’ma shoot ya in tha head
won’t aim for tha chest, bet you won’t survive
ten hollow tips out my crome fo’ five
i got to drop on you, element of surprise n-gg-
what you wanna do, i really see dead people
i got the nine millimeter, i could make ya face see-through
transparent, potholes in ya melon, damaged from tha ratchet
happens if u tellin, jungle’ll live by the morals of tha street
not like snitch cj, or b-tch jay-z, and beef from n-gg-s
only play defense, guns never spark in tha freight of my office
two us now put they body in tha garbage
yall n-gg-s p-ssy we bravehearted

brave,brave,brave,brave,brave, braveheart (tell ’em)
wiz, wi, wi, wi, wiz, braveheart

[verse 3]
my name is ?, i come from the past
wit insects crawlin on me like i’m dead
i don’t eat i just fast, i don’t beef i just ?
blood in my palm, i left tha cross only white nuns
soaked up tha offerin, black ? ones dressed up like bush
identical m-ss, i f-ck ’em hard wit a sinister laugh
then puff on a cigar, like tony matana
me and sony got problems, if i die they say i’m only a modist
to me i’m braver, do me a favor, put you on my ?
you could be paid, the label puts you in my place
i’m jewish, like sammy davis jr
holdin a louie suitcase wit ? and ? chopped in pieces
now i’m locked up wit phsycos who eat they feces
call the hearts break me out and i’ll reveal deep secrets
bout the street sh-t dat yall so obsessed by
i rep my n-gg-s till tha death while tha rest slide
or rest die,brave

brave,brave,brave,brave,brave, braveheart (tell ’em)
wiz, wi, wi, wi, wiz, braveheart