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lirik lagu brandon carter – all comes down

yeah, we rolling, we rolling
the whole world is spinning
in slow-mo, in slow-mo
i start what i finish
the fact is, the fact is
it all comes down to me!

[verse 1]
whether i’m thinking ’bout the least
whether i can’t get out this, meet
your doomsday, seek shelter, please
keep your hands to your self because
i wouldn’t mess with me
i got nothing left to prove
i’m the locksmith, i’ve kept you
safe from all the damage you’ve
done to yourself, it is too late
if you’re now reading this
fogs covering up the gl-ss
air is thinning as you slip
into incognito, i am naive too
underrated, an understatement
i say mano y mano
la mis amigos, i’m in a haven
the speckled places you

- lirik lagu brandon carter