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lirik lagu bleed from within – messiah

< a withered messiah, deaf to the prayer. what have the faithful come to expect? redemtion expectant and this pledge of serenity. what becomes of the father who watched this demise?your house stays tranquil, yet this world has been ravaged. oh. and justify your charity by means of some divine l-stration. so you walk with the dead at your feat.i have seen your work, this s-d-stic work that has bent the minds of millions. our men with no end to their toil, not content with their wealthwe will gather here today for the falling of a shattered belief. by the words of your peasants, i will have my revange!"all mans efforts are for his mouth, yet his appet-te is never satisfied. what advantage has a wise man over a fool?"a wind that never blows!>

- lirik lagu bleed from within