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lirik lagu barry and eileen – if you go


(if you go) i’ll sit here, trying not to see how lonely life will be without you
(if you go) i’ll wait here for the phone to ring, pretending i don’t care about you
(if you go) you’ll think i didn’t she’d a tear while deep down here my heart is dying
(if you go) i’ll let you walk right out the door and then i’m sure that i’ll start crying
if you go, my happiness will go with you
my life, my love, what will i do?
i can go on without love and all my love goes with you
if you go, i’ll take your picture from the wall
and tell my friends that it was all a little game
but just the same, i’ll still be sad if you go

(if you go) i’ll meet our friends, i’ll take a drink and then i’ll start to think about you
(if you go) you’ll turn my blue skies into grey for that’s the way it seems without you
(if you go) there’ll be no sun up in the sky as long as i am left in sorrow
(if you go) i’ve given all that 1 can give, how will i live until tomorrow
if you go, i want the sweeps, i’ll play the game
but it will never be the same
i’m addicted to you
what will i do if you go?
if you go, i’ll pull the blinds, i’ll close the door
so that our friends just won’t know i’m broken up, i will die
my race is run, if you go