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lirik lagu backseat goodbye – seeing is believing


come here.
i had a nightmare.
the sky had turned black.
and you were running through a field alone.
without my hand to guide you back home.
just wanted to believe.
that you were still here.
but seeing is believing.
and i don’t i don’t i don’t see you dear.
where are your helpless coughs in the middle of the night
that i love so so much?
shower me with the love that you give to your friends.
i wanna feel like i’m alive again.
just wanna be in the presence of all that is.
and all that was, and all that will never be.
the distance of your periphery can’t save me now.
i’m a little more lost than i had planned.
but oh well, i’ll find a way.
to turn yesterday into brilliance.
and tomorrow into something significant.
so i will be able to find a reason or to to keep breathing.
to keep walking on through the roads.
that you and i.
we drove on that one night on a trip to florida.
or georgia or somewhere in the southeast.
i don’t remember that well.
because we were.
we were lost.
but at least it was together.
we were lost.
at least it was together.
i wanna be lost again.
i wanna be lost again.
lost with you again.
lost in you again.
it’s getting late.
thinking this is it.
i’ll probably fall asleep.
but i’d rather not have anymore nightmares about this.
’cause i can’t take this anymore.
throw away my sense of caution, my sense of smell.
my sense of taste, my sense of sight, my sense of sound.
my sense of touch.
i don’t need them anymore