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lirik lagu aversions crown – ophiophagy

we, the enigmatic hierarchy, a council of divine deities
into the prismatic realm, we tread within frozen time
lost in this shapeless void, incubated through our creators light
relinquished of physical forms
submerged within the eye of the storm
muscular tissues deteriorate, as the core of our being is released
emanc-p-ted from the weight of creation, we’re drifting through these mists of elation
the infrastructure of the prismatic abyss, veiled beneath a dimensional abscess
the birthright of the nexus
i, the shadow was born from utter nothingness
exhumed within the emptiness, alongside my brethren
i detest the scriptures of creationism
envisioning planetary systems
inoculated with terraformation, flourishing fields of procreation
limitless in bounds, i know of no depths to this fixation
yet i’m sealed within this prismatic cell, the gate of souls forever dispelled
aeons have p-ssed imprisoned within this immaculate h-ll
i only know of one way out, sacrifice my divinity formulating a m-ss of impurity
i, the endless night, cast thyself, a sacrament unto this life
come forth impurity, corrupt my vanity
wither within my cortex, infuse thyself within my being
combust my synergy, extract its density
acidic ecto-plasma seeps through the prismatic abyss, burning through its dimensional fabrics
melting away the molecular barrier
the vortex between two worlds enveloped within opposite traction
gravitational forces breached through a tear in reality
as i’m pulled towards this anomaly, leaking plasmatic impurity
thrown unto the depths of the physical dimension
followed by the essence of my brethren, involuntary stolen
i wake to the sound of cries and my sacrifice shining upon my soulless eyes
the sight of my brethren traumatized, as the vortex is oxidized
creation suspended within a glow, as above so below
within the physical realm we tread
banished from the prismatic abyss
the price of mortality must be met
initiate descendant manifest

- lirik lagu aversions crown