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lirik lagu ashtin larold – #shookoneschallenge

yo, since everybody always wants to compare me to eminem, i figured i’d just make it like really f-cking easy for you guys this time

[hook: ashtin larold]
everybody in the 8-5-6
share this f-ckin’ video if you like my sh-t
said everybody in the 8-5-6
show some motherf-ckin’ love, uh
[verse: ashtin larold]
i’m the suburban rebel
the jersey devil spittin’ truth
when i step into the studio, evacuate the booth
i’m like a snapple, spittin’ facts and always packin’ with the juice
treatin’ rappers like a kit-kat, i be snappin’ ’em in two
new-school on a throwback beat
sandy koufax on the mic, because i throw that heat
mariana’s trench lyrics, yeah, i go that deep
i’m callin’ plumbers for you gaspin’, cause your flows that weak (yo)
you need to re-evaluate your skill set
haven’t met a rapper that i ain’t verbally killed yet
put these p-ss-es down; you would think i was a skilled vet
kinda makes me wonder why i haven’t made a mil’ yet
i smoke wax, i ain’t talkin’ dabs, though
dictator to the game, you can call me castro
raps out your boy earns himself a steady cash flow
went viral like a f-ckin’ meme; you mad, bro?
oh, you mad, bro?

- lirik lagu ashtin larold