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lirik lagu aidonia – stick up

yow dem ah look fi d ting dembut we burn dem up and carry
dem no dissin wey dem say a stick up ah d ting dem we go
dig up and pick up dem hear say me me buss gun my lord it
pop we nuh miss when we aim cause d target lock boom
thats how hard it clap sound like thunder when d lord did
clap bwoy wa head big and broad it drop neck pop like
when tall car did pop pon d crime scene woman shout out
jesus christ officer get shot me nuh smoke craven a dey
call it cyat drive b shoot him pon d starllrt shop brain
splash out pon paulette frack jop ah d hardest chop mi
nine x nineteen ami broadest glock shot clap out a gyal
hand cardelle block d clip nuh life wey yuh have is cr-p
any gun me rise it tall trod unknown like aprivate call
so in d streets bad man trod on now you know its aidinia

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