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lirik lagu aidonia – fat 40 (mavado diss) (preview)

[verse 1]
foota hype run casava piece, some p-ssy mussi run a cane piece
dem done know say a genna run the street from the shower to the pnp’s

casava piece, foota hype
fat shot, fat 40
trigger work, work, mi nuh stop claat it
di p-ssy dem
dem know mi fire shot inna face
them talk tough, them haffi stop party
’cause mi a fire shot inna p-ssy body
mi nuh lef’ mi gun, as mi get up mi put it pon me
one inna di head, put it pon your belly chargy
and walk go murder somebody
dawg, how you say you waan war we?
you say you waan…war we?
now we start you waan say, “sorry”
target the 40 inna your forehead
from you war 4 genna, p-ssy you nuh waan live

- lirik lagu aidonia