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lirik lagu adam reverie – lonnie’s pain

well if i keep it honest dog ya’ll make me vomit
word on the street is i’m detroit’s common
what i see in you pregnant chihuahua
rap is full of clones or she a wh-r–ish mama
grown men crying bout desiigner
cuz they never could quite design a
plan to get their music popping
too focused on buying wack designers
i am coming running gunning never fronting
you gone love it this i know
yo favorite rapper dissed his favorite rapper
with his favorite rappers stolen flow
and ya know it still promote it
you a coward hit the showers game over
stillmatic makaveli blade dancing
running rampant through my soul
got some homies that be acting phony
cuz we all want it but they only quote me
claiming they’re the best is kind of insulting
but where i’m going won’t need no company
i’ll put you down like a psycho vet
shoot hot 16 like a psycho vet
and i ride beats like a nitro vette
type of verses that’ll get your girls panties wet
and you know it’s true once they see rev
i got that whip appeal like i’m kenneth edmonds
got so many styles like i trained on tekken
and i did it all with no one helping
with a pad & pen thats a lethal weapon
they got midget flows always half stepping
and they claim they’re god’s dear lord help em
only when i sneeze do they give me blessings
don’t ask bout royce don’t ask bout sway he 5’9 & i’m 5’8
the other wake up in the morning just to sleep on me
i got a concrete flow so i’ll pave my way
i favor ill camille & rapsody over nicki m & iggy z
that is opposite of what we get from bet to show our queens
i seen a trapper rapper choose to sell crack
just to sell raps bout how he sold crack from his backpack
while his momma took a nap nap way in the back back
of her middle cl-ss home that he chose to call a trap
send a rapper just call his momma i’m gonna k!ll him
rapper biting my style you know i gotta bill em
orthodontist with rhymes i’m giving you that feeling
tell anybody who’s anybody they gotta hear him
hit em in the center he’s kneeling he feels it quickly
admit it he barely knicked me
i’m bobbing & weaving swiftly
he smoking on that bobby & whitney he think he beat me
or drunken off of nine of them shots he think he 50
don’t ever question where my p-ssion is
so many p-ssed on him my flow is p-ssionate
i’m p-ssed my peers & straight into your ears
its been six long years but don’t you shed no tears
for adam reverie

- lirik lagu adam reverie