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lirik lagu action bronson – drug shit

do you do any drugs?
i did up until 6 days ago
you say you haven’t done drugs in 6 days
f-cking drug sh-t
do the drug yeah

straight from the depths of queens
leave you sleeping on the mezzanine
like you lincoln and switch into a desert scene
often heard but this motherf-cker seldom seen
i’m throwing blows. why you waiting for the bell to ring?
drug smoking, razors make the pasta sweet
slumped over when the barrel and your posture meet
stay lean like some motherf-cking ostrich meat
you’re full of sh-t, it’s time to get a colonoscopy
scissor kicks, d-ck’s up for miss elizabeth
lex luther arms
four in the morning in the dark with the computer on
waste of my time my thoughts are patient
replaced through my mind
born to shine like the eyes on a cat
same cat f-ck around put the knife in your back
cause it’s nothing we live and let die and roam the land
and you bluffing you lifted the cards and showed your hand p-ssy
tailor-made rubber, rubber made reliable
never spill the soup rock a linen soup
play the streets like the ball court spin and shoot
strong as popeye, dipping in a spinach coupe
pull my nuts out your mouth
let me breathe for a minute please
your life is cheap like a hooker in the philippines
about to be a huge star and i’m still in queens
you on the shelf like a figurine

drug’s infesting my mind but i’m destined to shine
spit the sh-t to keep these motherf-ckers pressing rewind
thousands of pounds of pressure pressed on your spine
lift the vine free the bonds lead the blind, read the signs
hands up like you stepping in the party
now you getting robbed, motherf-cker, with the
said you puttied make your body do an ollie
then dig your shorty out cause i geeked her up on molly
have her eating d-ck, no need for seasoning
and seven dudes are in the room if she’s pleasin’em
like a trooper hit her in the p–per
throw her in the shower
then i take her out to lupa
i’m kinky i’ll hit it even if it’s stinky
put’em in the shower make the p-ssy brand-new
ran through giver her money’s what i can’t do
stuff her lunch box to burn her with a candle
consensual rate vinegar solutions
animal abusing down with revolutions
don’t get p-ssed off f-ck around, rip your t-ts off
still getting head even if my d-ck soft
resin quick, no …
i’m in the end zone with one leg up
posing like heisman
throw it like … suede foot
with the village leader, smoking a pipe with seven wise men

i eat the biggest piece of chicken at the table
let’em know i’m hungry polo on the rugby
the 44 long surely got a trusty hove
tryna live american dreams, dusty roads, yeah

- lirik lagu action bronson